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Why flow matters 

 As entrepreneurs, our professional lives are entangled into our personal lives which presents unique challenges. Our office can sometimes be our kitchen, our bedroom, the floor, a local coffee shop and dare I say the bathroom. We're not judging, we speak from experience.


Since we were honest about the bathroom business, let's also get real about some of the other challenges that some 'at home entrepreneurs' face. The very famous "Im not enough, smart enough, talented enough, organized enough, focused enough, pretty enough," sound familiar? Between the low energy levels, wearing 20 hats, inability to keep things clean and organized, random bouts of sadness for no apparent reason and the negative self talk, being an entrepreneur sounds intense and those are only some of the flow blocks we face daily.

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course outline 

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MODULE 1 is about honouring ourselves and our present moment. For many of us, the world shapes our reality daily and supressess our true self. We invite back in the beautiful  parts of us that we suppressed throughout our lives. Activating our authentic self gives us the ability to easily make decisions and use our internal compass to discover clarity on our path. As the workshop proceeds we find more and more internal clarity, ease and joy. 

We will assess our internal dis-ease and address our abundance blocks and fears. You will be introduced to the 80/20 sensory theory that allows you to shape flow in our internal and external world using the 5 senses.

MODULE 2 is all about our space, external blocks and how we can create a space that assists us in our personal and professional goals. We discuss tips and tricks to eliminate dis-ease and make room for joy, happiness, clarity and flow in our spaces.  Honouring Indigenous, North, East, South and West cultural practices, we discover new methods of self discovery through shaping our space.  This is a fun, transformational and intense part of the course that requires a lot of action.


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MODULE 3 is all about fun! It's now time to invite flow into your life.  Discover what creates ease and apply it everywhere!!!

I mean everywhere from the ceiling to the floor. Kitchen to bathroom and everything in between, even the air.  If it doesn't flow it's got to go.  This section will guide you to honour your needs as a unique individual. You can now take action and shape your new space to create the flow-state you desire. Prepare to walk into your space everyday with a big smile on your face ready to take on the world.